BIOCAL has boilers of up to 350 tn / h of superheated steam production at temperatures of 510ºC and pressures of 100 bar, performances that depend on the physical-chemical characteristics of the project fuel and the power needs.

BIOCAL has more than 25 boilers operating in plants that generate more than 300 MWe in different countries. In Europe, we have three facilities in operation generating 2 MWe at the IBERDROLA Biomass Plant in Guadalajara (SPAIN), 2 MWe at the DALKIA Biomass Plant in Barcelona (SPAIN) and 3.5 MWe at the IBERFER Biomass Plant -PALSER in Tondela (PORTUGAL).

We also have facilities aimed at generating hot gases for drying processes using different types of biomass as an energy source, some of them in France, and facilities for generating thermal oil from cellulosic fuels. For example, the Biomass Plant of HIJOS DE TOMÁS MARTÍN in Doña Santos – Burgos (SPAIN) is the dryer for a pelletizing line.

Other cases of facilities that take advantage of the rice husk stand out as 100% of the fuel, with 12% humidity and a PCI of 3,300 kcal / kg, with 15% to 20% ash, with high levels of Silica.

In total, there are more than 600 units installed and in operation in Brazil.