Soluciones de Ingeniería Energética Aplicada S.L. (SIEA S.L.) installs a new biomass boiler of 30 tons / h in Sarrià (Girona) for an important paper company destined to produce process steam at 15 bar using various types of biomass as fuel. The new boiler will come into operation in the coming weeks, providing all the thermal energy of the plant together with a reduction in polluting emissions and operating costs.

Note that the final phase of the assembly of this unit has been carried out under the exceptional conditions that the COVID-19 imposed for everyone.

This project includes a 1.500 m3 capacity silo, a modern and robust boiler of the latest design with high performance and very low cost of operation and maintenance, model MGV-VRT, Aquo-pirotubular boiler with 30 tn/h of saturated steam at 15 bar, with pumps, valves and other accessories. The boiler works with a combustion system with automatic grill and ash extraction system, which is completed with the three air and gas fans, a scrubber train with multicyclone and bag filter, and a control panel with PLC for the complete automatic operation, which conform the turnkey supply of the generation plant.

SIEA S.L. is an Engineering and Projects company specialized in installations for the generation and use of thermal and / or electrical energy, with cogeneration systems, photovoltaic plants or biomass boilers, being the exclusive and official distributor for Europe of BIOCAL biomass boilers and burners (Biochamm brand), providing customized solutions in projects aimed at using different types of waste for energy recovery.

SIEA has extensive experience in the energy sector, having developed energy projects in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, …

The image corresponding to the 3D plan located in the upper right shows the design of the final assembly of the biomass boiler and the bag filter in the absence of the enclosure corresponding to the boiler room. Currently both equipments are assembled and installed in the absence of commissioning that will be carried out in the coming weeks. The completion of the project will conclude with the assembly of the enclosure of the room of the new biomass boiler whose structure can be seen in the upper left image.

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