Through our Energy Consulting service we offer our clients an integral energy advice that guarantees the optimization of energy costs, both in terms of production regimes and the suitability of choosing the type of energy supply. The liberalization of the energy market in Spain opens up a wide range of possibilities that we at SIEA show our clients, developing customized solutions for them. Our clients belong to various sectors, among which the ceramic tile and flooring manufacturing sector and derivative companies such as the manufacture of atomized clays stand out. We also have clients in the wood sector, the food sector, or the water purification sector.

The fields of action are:

    • Comprehensive energy advice guaranteed:
      • Optimization of energy costs
      • Choice of supplies
      • Energy production regimes
      • Analysis of energy efficiency
      • Feasibility studies
      • Procurement of supplies (gas and electricity)
      • Management of sale of electrical energy discharged to the network
      • Management of purchase of energy consumed in the Spanish market